Monthly Archives: December 2023

CRZ Pricer Version 24.0.0

By | 20 December 2023

CC [New] Perpetual Crypto futures are supported [New] Crypto futures vs another crypto are supported [New] Crypto futures now support idiosyncratic adjustment EQ [New] Added deal template for equity listed options Assets [Bug] Importance sampling control variate was biased when used with LSV

CRZ Pricer Version 23.0.15

By | 5 December 2023

Common [New] Added a portfolio view to compute net asset value from quotes [New] Deal input masks now support incremental Capital/IM/XVA calculation and can be used in the local portfolio view [Bug] In autocallables, Fee adjustment was not applied on Target coupons EQ [New] Dividend contribution view now supports real-time/historical contribution of continuous dividends. Continuous… Read More »